Past Presidents
2015 Barry Winick AIA
2014 Chris Manson-Hing AIA
2013 Jose Luis Esparza AIA
2012 Susanne Kortz Tejada AIA
2011 Ellen P. Bildsten AIA
2010 Peter Walker Hunt AIA
2009 Jorge Machin AIA
2008 Rosa E. Alvarado AIA
2007 Gregory C. Rech AIA
2006 Joe Andrulaitis AIA
2005 Paul Zink AIA
2004 Kristin Story AIA
2003 Kristin Story AIA
2002 Paul Poirier AIA
2001 Mark Weinke AIA
2000 Jim Satzinger AIA
1999 Stephanie D. Poole AIA
1998 Robin Donaldson AIA
1997 Marc A. Phillips AIA
1996 Richard McKenzie AIA
1995 J. Michael Holliday AIA
1994 James E. Moore IV AIA
1993 Detlev Peikert AIA
1992 John D. Kelley AIA
1991 Joe Wilcox AIA
1990 John Watson AIA
1989 Ed Lenvik AIA
1988 John Pitman FAIA
1987 John Pitman AIA (FAIA 1988)
1986 Brian Cearnal AIA
1985 Henry Lenny AIA
1984 Fred Sweeney AIA
1983 Bruce Bartlett AIA
1982 James Morris AIA
1981 Irwin Sorkin AIA
1980 Steve Metsch AIA
1979 Bill Mahan AIA
1978 Peter Edwards AIA
1977 Brian Hall AIA
1976 Jerry Zimmer AIA
1975 Ed Lenvik AIA
1974 Leo Pedersen AIA
1973 John Pitman AIA (FAIA 1988)
1972 *Jim Purcell AIA
1971 *Don Bensen AIA
1970 *Bob Cleveland AIA
1969 *Ken Kruger AIA (FAIA 1989)
1968 *Glen Mosher AIA
1967 R. B. Nelson AIA
1966 Not known
1965 Frank Greer AIA
1964 Ken Kruger AIA (FAIA 1989)
1963 Fred Noel AIA
1962 Reg Crowell AIA (Oxnard)
1961 Bob Henderson AIA
1960 Fred Hummel AIA (Ventura)
1959 Robert Ingle Hoyt AIA
1958 *Roy Wilde AIA
1957 Not known
1956 Roy C. Wilson
1955 Not known
1954 Not known
1953 Lutah Maria Riggs AIA
1952 Not known
1951 Not known
1950 Not known
1949 Not known
1948 Not known
1947 Not known
1946 Not known
1945 Roy C. Wilson AIA
1942 Roy C. Wilson AIA
1941 Lutah Maria Riggs AIA
1940 John Frederic Murphy AIA
1939 Ralph Armitage AIA
1938 Ralph Armitage AIA
1937 Henry W. Howell AIA
1936 William A. Edwards AIA
1935 E. Keith Lockard AIA
1934 Louis N. Crawford AIA
1933 Winsor Soule AIA
1932 Harold E. Burket AIA
1931 John Frederic Murphy AIA
1930 Russell Ray AIA
1929 ** Not known


* Indicates an educated guess

** The Santa Barbara Chapter AIA charter certificate reads:

April 27, 1929

This is to certify

That whereas

Winsor Soule, John Frederic Murphy, T. Mitchell Hastings, George W. Smith, Russel Ray have petitioned for a charter as the Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Institute of Architects with the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura in the state of California as their territory thereof and a constitution in conformaty with the constitution and bylaws of the American Institute of Architects

They are hereby declared to constitute the Santa Barbara Chapter, the American Institute of Architects.

C. Herrick Hammond, President

Franklen Baldwin, Secretary

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